Work, instead of celebration, at the R&D center

Brazil's Communications Minister Sergio Motta informed that in the General Telecommunications Law there is an article referring specifically to the future of Padre Landell de Moura Research and Development Center. The R&D Center will be transformed in an independent entity, probably sustained by a fund to which companies from the telecommunications sector will collaborate. "We want to make the R&D Center stronger and independent, after the privatization of the Telebras System", affirmed the Minister. 

The R&D Center was created in 1976, to implement the development of equipments for the Telebras System. Its name was chosen in honour of Father Roberto Landell de Moura, who registered three patents in the United States in the beginning of this century: the wireless telegraph, the wireless telephone and the wave trasmitter

Today, the R&D Center is responsible for creating software, developing guidelines and technical viability studies. The center is undergoing a series of changes, deactivating departments that were working with pure research, which is the role of universities, and concentrating itself more and more in its objectives, that is, to supply solutions for theTelebras System.                                                                                                                                             Renato Cruz

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